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SEBI Directive for Investors

Rule #1: Always deal with SEBI Registered Investment Advisers (RIAs)

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The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), which is the regulator for the securities market in India, launched the Investment Adviser Regulation in 2013 to protect the interest of Indian investors.

Who is a Licensed Adviser?

Would you ever consult a doctor who is not licensed to practice medicine?
An investment adviser, whom you trust with your money, should be no different!

In India, only financial advisers who have registered themselves with SEBI are qualified to offer advice. What's more, these Registered Investment Advisers (RIAs) operate according to SEBI regulations, which means you can be assured that your licensed adviser is:


Only advisers with qualifications in areas like financial planning, portfolio management, and capital markets, can become RIAs.

Unbiased & Transparent

RIAs only earn via the fees they charge their clients. Which means they cannot receive any commission or incentive on investments, and are free from bias.

Monitored & Regulated

All RIAs undergo periodic audits by SEBI and must comply with SEBI’s guidelines on advisory & transaction services delivered to clients.

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