My investment experience spans over 25 years and one of the best methods of choosing stocks (defined as that which has given me the best returns with the lowest risk!) is undoubtedly the system from Attainix! In the two years of using the system, my portfolio has handily outperformed the indices in the US. As an added bonus, the founder of Attainix - Abhijit Talukdar is now a very good friend and his interest in investing and constant endeavor to deliver the best returns is exemplary. I would urge every investor to give the Attainix system a very close look and definitely sign up for the service.

Srinivas Bhopal

Client Partner


I have been following Attainix for over a year. The icTrackerTM tool has been tremendously useful to assess stocks from a totally different perspective.

Amit Khanna

Business Development Manager



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