A license for trust, quality and peace of mind...

A lot of our financial decisions are made based on trust. But what is that trust based on? Long relationships? Convenience? Having no alternative?

With licensed financial advisers, your trust can be objective. These are qualified professionals, licensed & monitored by SEBI to ensure that you can invest with peace of mind.

Would you ever consult a doctor who is not licensed to practice medicine? 

An investment adviser, whom you trust with your money, should be no different!

 In India, only financial advisers who have registered themselves with SEBI are qualified to offer advice. What’s more, these Registered Investment Advisers (RIAs) operate according to SEBI regulations, which means you can be assured that your licensed adviser is:


Only advisers with the required educational qualifications, including mandatory certifications in financial planning or portfolio management are qualified to be RIAs.

Unbiased & Transparent

RIAs only earn via the fees they charge their clients. This means, they have no hidden commission income from any investments they recommend, and thus are free from bias.

Monitored & Regulated

All RIAs undergo periodic audits by SEBI and must comply with SEBI’s guidelines on advisory & transaction services delivered to clients.

The Value of Fees in Financial Advisory

Working with RIAs involves one big change for the Indian investors: RIAs are professionals, and charge fees for their services. Why? 

RIAs are bound by regulation to only offer investment advice that “is in the investor’s best interest”. This is also known as working for the investor in a fiduciary capacity, or a capacity of trust. Thus RIAs charge fees, and forego commissions, to avoid all the conflicts of interest that distributors or agents face.

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